Monday, November 28, 2011

Fastest Car Power-Driven by Dry-Cell Batteries

Panasonic and the Tokyo Institute of Technology produced the first manned jumbo jet to be power-driven by 160 AA “Oxyride” batteries – a fantastic achievement, but the record category itself is not one that is monitored by Guinness World Records.

Undeterred, a year shortly Panasonic set their sights on a new world record-breaking challenge – that is, to build the greatest car powered by dry-cell batteries.

To do this, they teamed positive with students from Osaka Sangyo University to form The Oxyride Speed Challenge Team, and improvement began on the Oxyride Racer.

The Racer procedures 3.3 m long, 78 cm wide and 56 cm tall. Its body is prepared of plastic that has been unbreakable by carbon fiber – a muscular and light composite material, which means the car weighs in at only 38 kg.

It’s insignificant, but high-speed. Guinness World Records' June Otsuki was on hand over at a test course in Shirosato city in Ibaraki territory on 4 August 2007, to monitor the affair.

On the day, student Takashi Sudo piloted the Racer to achieve an average speed of 105.95 km/h and a maximum speed of 122 km/h and all this on just 192 Oxyride batteries.

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