Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dual Turbo of Saleen S7

Steve Saleen is known as a tuner of American cars, chiefly of Fords. Then some time throughout the 1990s, he developed a thought wherein his goal was to create a true American supercar.

This marked the creation of the story of the Saleen S7, one of the fastest cars that ever came out of American top soil.

During its release in 2002, it is deemed as one of the most technically highly developed cars in the world, and one of the distinctions that it had then was it was the only American street-legal car that packs over 500 horsepower in stock tidy.

The S7 got some serious love from both enthusiasts and critics alike, admiring its unbelievable quickness and technological advancements. His team upgraded the S7 to the summit that it has become a whole new car, ready to take on latest challenges.

Twin turbochargers are now equipped to the already terrible 7000 cc V8 engine found in the S7. But, there are extra changes in this car than just the engine.

If you would look closely, in order to pick up aerodynamics, modified front fenders, as well as new diffusers and spoilers were installed. The result: a 40 percent reduce in drag and a 60 percent rise in down force.

The same in house urbanized 7000cc V8 engine makes its way to the S7 Twin Turbo, and it possesses a lot of state of the art equipment from the intake down to the drain.

Two turbochargers capable of pressurizing air up to 5.5 psi, are mounted at the high performance drain system, boosting performance to a new stage.

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